Missions is Appreciating Gods Protection

A few Saturdays ago a neighbour living beside the church sent someone to the house, and asked me to come over so he could “show me something.” I came over with another friend and immediately realised the problem.

There is a church wall built on our boundary line, and shared with the neighbour. Whoever had built this wall originally (not myself or the former pastor) was only interested in getting it up as quickly as possible, so they didn’t put any steel in the blocks to provide support.

This creates a serious problem since the wall itself can not only weaken quickly, but also fall on someone and injure them.

When he called me daylight could be clearly seen between the the bricks in the wall, meaning there was danger of the wall itself falling on someone.

Right away I contacted church members about the problem since it was a Saturday, and scheduled a church meeting the next day. We decided to hire a man who had attended for many years, and was a very good mason (wall builder).

That afternoon the mason inspected the weakened wall, and told me what materials would be needed for him to rebuild it.

Thankfully church members helped me get in contact with the proper people so that by that Thursday, all of the material was ready to go. And after another meeting on Sunday, work began last Tuesday.

It took less than a day to tear down the portion of the wall that needed to be rebuilt because it was so weak. By the end of the day, the foundation for the new wall had already been laid!

The next two days were spent building up the wall itself with steel and reinforcement so that the same problem won’t happen again.

By Friday he only needed to put on the finishing touches, and even out areas of the wall that had been damaged by rainfall. By noon the wall was done, and everyone was paid!

There is so much to thank the Lord for in this situation

  1. I am thankful the neighbour pointed out the problem since it was only noticeable on his side
  2. I am thankful the wall itself held, and didn’t injure anyone
  3. I am thankful church members stepped up and helped me find people to provide material, and do the work
  4. I am thankful for a worker who did very good work for a fair price
  5. I am thankful for good weather while the work went on (little rain)
  6. And I am thankful for a strong wall that will last for many years

There will be crisis situations in life (like a wall that may fall down) but we can be calm in the crisis because we know the Lord is with us.

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