The Importance of Training

In January of 2016 I prepared to go home for a few weeks. This was usually done over Christmas, but there was a special reason this different trip (you will find out next week).

As a last preparation for the trip I instructed some kids in the community to feed my beloved cat “Winston” while I was away. They were all very excited about doing the job, and when I returned, found out they had tried to feed him WAY too much!

Winston in a way was a training tool for the children that lived nearby since they helped me care for him, and learned how to pet (and not pet) a cat.

This picture convicts me in a way because it shows the importance of training others to do a job instead of yourself.

Ministry (missions especially) begins with the minister doing most things himself or herself.

That’s okay at the beginning…..

But it should NEVER stay that way!!!

The problem is it’s much easier to do a job yourself than training someone else to do it. Doing it yourself is faster, better, and brings less frustration. But long term doing it yourself destroys the ministry.

It is much better to do the hard work of equipping and training others so that the ministry lasts long after you are gone.

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