Christmas at Home

Christmas 2016 was spent in SVG because I planned to spend two-weeks in the States with family during January. It was a weird experience being on the field during Christmas since usually I’d spend it in the States.

Leading up to the holiday I wondered if it would make me homesick. This doesn’t usually happen, but of course days like Christmas are special, so I planned for emotions to be strong.

The big day came and a strange thing happened…..

It didn’t affect me at all!

I spent a wonderful day with missionaries and friends not missing home at all.

Maybe this is because I prepared for it, but I don’t think so. It was just Gods way of confirming Barrouallie in SVG is my home.

an interesting thing about missions is you have two homes. The home you grew up in (United States) and the home you live in now (mission field). Whats amazing is over time the home you grew up in becomes less important, and the one you live in now becomes more precious.

It’s at the point now when I go the States, it feels strange!

I am thankful that the Lord not only brought me to Barrouallie, but placed a love for the land in my heart.

Though it’s nice to visit America sometimes, its always good to be home.

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