Missions is Cat Naps

Last Friday I came home at 6:00 after a day of ministry fully intending on catching up on some work after supper.

Instead I ended up in bed at 7:30.

I don’t mean lying on bed reading a book or watching TV. I mean turn out the lights, and go to bed at 7:30!

This weariness is partially because I get up early, and use those quiet hours for heart preparation. But the real reason is ministry (and life) is exhausting.

After a day of hustling from one place to another my energy would always be gone by 7:00. This isn’t a sinful thing of course, but it started to result in lots of tasks being unfinished, and placed more pressure on me the next day.

Which is where cat naps come in

A “cat nap” is a short nap (less than thirty minutes) used to restore energy during the day. I’’ve already made one cat nap part of my daily schedule after lunch, and because my energy still seems to struggle at night, am beginning to take a second after dinner.

Creating habits that restore energy during the day is absolutely necessary because ministry takes energy.

  1. It takes energy to study the Word of God
  2. It takes energy to reach the lost in my community
  3. It takes energy to disciple children
  4. It takes energy to have a plan for the day, and follow it

The thing about energy (and willpower) is they are limited resources. If we aren’t carefully restoring energy or strength, then it will be finished long before the day is.

This means taking our physical health (energy level) very seriously through exercise, healthy eating, rest, drinking water, and taking vitamins/supplements.

There is no shame in turning the lights out at 8:00 every once in a while. But most nights should find me finishing strong for the Lord.

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