Passing on a Love of Reading

Leading up to Christmas 2016 I received a “Hardy Boys Mystery” from America. This immediately made me incredibly nostalgic since I LOVED these books, would devour them as soon as I could get them. One was even read in a day!

The joy of receiving this book wasn’t in reading it myself though….

It was putting it in the hands of a Vincentian child.

children in SVG (particularly my community) struggle with their reading. Many of them need a bit of individual help with their reading skills, but classrooms are so large that isn’t possible.

Sadly this means some students simply fall through the cracks. This isn’t because they aren’t capable of reading, but because they need a little bit of extra help .

I am incredibly grateful that the Lord has allowed me over the years to give that extra help. And not only pass on my love of the Saviour, but my love of reading as well.

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