How God Used My Quiet Anger

In January of 2017 I flew from Saint Vincent to Orlando Florida instead of Richmond VA where my family lives.

There is a very special reason for this…..

We were going to Disney world!!!

I was really looking forward to a time of fun and relaxation with family while enjoying Disney world theme parks. The closer the date for my flight came, the more excited I became.

Finally the plan landed in Miami and I quickly walked towards Immigration.

I’t didn’t take long to realise something was seriously wrong.

The Lines were long…..I mean INCREDIBLY LONG

eventually we were told the computer systems for immigration had gone down. This meant everything had to be done by hand, and of course this took a VERY LONG TIME!!!

As the time of connecting flights got closer and closer people got more and more frustrated. Eventually it became clear that because of the problem nobody (myself included) would make their connecting flight

So instead of spending time with family I slept on a cot at the airport!

I’m not going to lie, that situation frustrated me a lot. The excitement of being with loved ones was incredibly high, and to have that taken away for one more night was a bit let down.

Some time was spent in those long lines with a very poor attitude of self-pity (feeling sorry for myself) and bitterness. But then I realised that everything God brings into my life is part of HIs plan. Even the experiences that frustrate me.

Falling asleep on that cot I confessed to the Lord the anger of my heart, and submitted to one more night of waiting.

We may not enjoy the plan of God for our lives, but we can rest in the fact that it’s always whats best for us.

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