Missions is Not Cleaning Yourself Up

Last week I finished reading “Imperfect Disciple” by Jared Wilson, and it made me think about a common mis-conception Christians have about their relationship with God.

Wilson emphasises the Gospel which calls us to repent of our sins, and turn to Christ for forgiveness. This is very different from our sinful heart that emphasises “cleaning yourself up first.”

Satan knows he cannot remove our Salvation, but he can compromise our testimony. One of the greatest ways he does this is by making the christian life about works, or our own strength.

When we fail (and we all do) Satan encourages us to work on self-development (or clean ourselves up) instead of turning to God in repentance. Obviously this just make things worse because we could never really make ourselves clean.

True transformation can only take place when we confess our sinful weakness, and turn to God in repentance.

There was a day last week when I chose laziness over doing the work that I knew God wanted me to accomplish.

Conviction came to my heart because of this laziness, which was followed by the temptation of Satan. He said “you need to work harder on self-discipline!” I immediately started working on a battle-plan to attack my laziness.

But then stopped, and remembered my sin-nature will always choose comfort over the will of God.

So instead of trying harder I confessed my weakness to God, changed habits that triggered laziness, and re-committed myself to prayer when the temptation of laziness came instead of relying on my own strength.

Just as Christ had to wash the disciples dirty feet, we need to return to our Father for daily cleansing while walking through this wicked world. A cleansing not of the outer man, but the heart.

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