Making Memories

One morning on the way to Disney World during our 2017 vacation, my ten-year old niece took her hand, and wrapped it tightly arouhd my arm.

I’m not entirely sure why she chose to do this….

But I imagine it’s because she couldn’t physically touch me most of the time.

Missions is an incredible blessing from God as you reach others with the Gospel who have never heard. At the same time it’s difficult not being present with family or friends.

Thankfully the Lord provides community, and co-workers on the mission field. Yet being away physically for most of the time can be tough on loved ones.

Which is why we must take every opportunity to make memories.

It’s interesting with all of the excitement and energy of time in Disney World, it’s the small things that stick in my mind.

  1. My nieces hand around my arm
  2. My brother asking what our favourite thing that day was
  3. Stopping for pies from McDonalds on the way home

These experiences reminded me on the field or at home, what matters most is making sure people know they are loved.

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