Leaving a Place of Safety

This picture is taken on the way to a VERY EARLY flight from Charlotte NC, to Miami. After a stop-over in Barbados, I’d arrive back in SVG.

Memories like this are complicated because I’m pulled in two different directions.

On the one hand I want more time with family and friends…..

And on the other hand I am excited about going back to SVG.

That inner conflict comes from the fact that I’m currently in a “safe place” (taking a place to recharge), and will soon be on the frontlines of battle.

My sin-nature will always want to stay in the “safe place.” That safe place isn’t always America, but a place that is “comfortable” or easy for me. In my heart there will be a constant battle between my sinfulness, and the Holy Spirit who calls me to take a step of faith.

Most of the time I choose the step of faith….

Because God has not called me to a life of safety

In fact its just the opposite! Christians are promised they will endure persecution, injustice, temptation, and trials during their earthly life. This shouldn’t discourage us since we will then spend eternity with Christ.

Until our time on earth is done though or the rapture comes, God calls us to keep fighting.

So you take the picture, hug your parents goodbye, and go back into the war- zone. Knowing a safe life is a wasted life.

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