Missions Is Feeding Who You Can

Yesterday afternoon a friend came by my gate and shouted my name. When I came out, he asked “have you cooked today?”

In other words, “I’m hungry!”

My friend was asking for food in a joking way. But the truth is, things are becoming incredibly hard in communities of SVG. Because consistent jobs are hard for find, you spend lots of time every trying to do odd jobs in order to make enough money for food. And sadly there are days you go hungry.

I’m reminded of a woman who shortly after the volcano eruption in April, walked up from the main road screaming very loudly “I’m hungry!”

Though not everyone is as vocal about it, many can say the same thing.

The amount of hungry or needy people can be overwhelming since I cannot feed everyone of them…..

But I CAN feed some of them

There will always be challenges of society without an easy fix (poverty, racism, injustice). When meeting these physical needs our giving sometimes seems incredibly significant, just a drop in the bucket. The small amount of people we can help can be incredibly discouraging.

Satan tells us our small ministry isn’t accomplishing anything. But he wants us to forget that God takes great glory in using small things.

I’m reminded of the five barley cakes and small fish that Christ used to feed 5,000 men, and possibly closer to 20,000 people including women and children. The boy probably felt his small lunch didn’t make a difference (Phillip certainly didn’t think it would really help).

But they gave it to Jesus…..

And Christ did a spectacular thing with it.

The truth is it isn’t my job to fix the problems of society. Thats God’s job! My job is to minister to all those who I can with what the Lord has given to me.

The darkness of this sin-cursed world won’t be removed until Christ creates a new-heaven, and new-earth. We cannot destroy the darkness, but we can shine brightly in it.

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