Your Fears Aren’t That Big

Out of all the rides I went on in the Disney World theme parks, the one I enjoyed the most was “The Haunted Mansion.”

Not because it was a fastest

Or the scariest

Or even the most exciting

I enjoyed the haunted mansion because it will always be a reminder that your fears aren’t as big as they seem.

when I was young my parents took me and my brother to the Disney theme parks on vacation. It was an amazing experience with countless vivid memories.

My father when we were at Disney World saw the haunted mansion, and wanted me to go on it with him. I immediately refused because it looked…well haunted! Part of the ride is the fact that they make it look as frightening as possible.

My father got me to go in, but only after literally dragging me into building by my arm!

Once we were inside I realised that the ride really wasn’t that scary at all. In fact, I started to enjoy it!

A few days later my dad asked what rides we wanted to go on during the last days….

Of course I said the haunted mansion!

It’s funny how the fears that seem terrifying become something enjoyable when we take a step of faith.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to ride the haunted mansion again in 2017, and remember fear isn’t as big as I think it is.

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