Missions is Deep Study

This week I began teaching a class on Major Prophets at a Bible College in SVG. While enjoyable, this is without a doubt the most challenging course I’ve ever taught.

The reason why is because of the HUGE subject matter. The class 180 chapters of Scripture (Isaiah through Daniel).

We were going through the notes (220 pages worth) when a student turned to me and asked me where I got that material….

I turned and calmly told him “I wrote it.”

now the truth is I relied on textbooks to compile the notes, but the work itself was done by me through weeks of research.

Of course the second question was, “where do you find the time to write those notes?”

Thankfully I had a West Virginia house

For about a month during my medical furlough in July and August I stayed with my parents at a small house my dad was born and raised in. This small house was a huge blessing from God because it gave me large chunks of time for study, and research.

My morning ritual stayed the same

  1. Roll out of bed
  2. Step over the dog in the doorway
  3. As quietly as possible, walk into the kitchen trying not to wake anyone else up
  4. Turn on the coffee
  5. Check news for fifteen minutes or so (enough time to fully wake up)
  6. And with my first cup of coffee, spend about 2 1/2 hours on class notes

I am incredibly thankful for a quiet environment with family where study can be done, and even wrote about everyone needing a “West Virginia House” over the summer. At the same, I’m convicted about the lack of deep Bible study and research that have been done while back in SVG.

The thing about deep study is it doesn’t come easily. It takes lots of time and mental effort, but that hard work brings great benefits.

So how can I take part in deep study without a West Virginia House?

Make it a top priority

Satan loves to offer us many things to distract us from deep study. Some of these things may even be good in and of themselves, but they don’t bring the rich rewards of deeply studying Scripture.

I may not have a West Virginia house where hours of uninterrupted study can take place. But I can put aside every distraction, and dig deeply into the Word of God on the mission field.

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