Going Back Stronger

I spent some time with family at home after visiting Disney World in January 2017. But the truth is after about a week in the States, my heart was ready for a return to SVG.

This doesn’t mean I’m not thankful for the opportunity to spend time in the States for rest and recovery (I definitely am). But that time was only meant to refocus my vision and plan out what the Lord would have me do in the next year.

So as that break (and every one) came to a close, I got more and more excited about returning.

Even with my recent medical furlough in the States I found a familiar longing after about a week and a half had passed. A longing to be on a plane back to the place where God had called me.

The breaks themselves were never about staying…..

They were always about coming back stronger.

I’m so thankful that the Lord has given me family in the States where I can come for a brief break in order to refocus my mind on the work. But I am more thankful for family that rejoices with me when I go back to the field stronger.

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