Missions is Giving Quietly

Editors Note: Please note that all identifying marks from the above debit card has been removed in the picture.

Last week while teaching a class on the Major Prophets, the Lord reminded me of what’s commonly called a “cash shake.”

I’m not totally sure why it came to my mind, probably because the college students are working on getting money for their bills.

As a missionary on deputation raising support It was a common occurrence for someone to shake my hand, and by doing so also hand me cash (why it’s called a cash shake). This is normally used for personal expenses like fuel, and food.

Though it wasn’t a lot, that money was an incredible blessing to me…..

The blessing was in the fact that after hearing about the work that God had called me to do, the Holy Spirit led these individuals to personally give me those funds.

The cash shake is also a blessing because it gives from what they have, which often isn’t much.

I like to explain it this way…..

Say a man with $500 gave you $100, and then a man with $5 gave you $3.

Who gave you more?

Technically it’s the one who gave $100, but the $3 was a much more precious gift. Because he gave sacrificially.

The Lord through this reminded me there are many individuals for whom $10 placed in their hand with a big smile will be a HUGE blessing.

And challenged me to live a simpler life so that I can put more money in others hands.

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