Missions is Sharing Random Experiences

Early Thursday morning I put a simple post on Facebook asking friends to pray as I looked for something I’d misplaced.

I was totally shocked when the post got forty-two likes, and twenty-one comments!

People with much more serious problems than something they’d lost prayed for my need, and then checked back in the next day to see if it was found.

Though the list item wasn’t found (it can be replaced) I’m still incredibly thankful for the experience since the Lord used it to show me individuals are interested in the random (unimportant experiences of my life).

It’s easy to get into the habit of only sharing exciting or moving experiences from the mission field. Theres nothing wrong with sharing these experiences of course, but when they become the only thing you share, it creates a false reality.

Even worse, you find yourself looking for amazing experiences to share every day. This will eventually mean communicating for likes and comments instead of honestly sharing your heart.

The greatest problem with only sharing the big experiences is friends care about the random experiences just as much as the spectacular ones.

I am going to remain using my blog and email as the major form of communication since it’s most effective…..but with the Lord’s help, I plan to take a step or two back into Facebook.

Thanks for showing me you not only care about the huge needs of my life, but whether or not I found something that has been lost.

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