Don’t Do God’s Job!

The afternoon after arriving back in SVG from the states in 2017, I stood on my porch, and looked at the surrounding houses.

in that one small area of Barrouallie, there were many individuals to reach with the Gospel of Christ.

It is a wonderful thing to return to the field with a renewed energy, and vision for ministry. But this doesn’t do much if it isn’t followed by firm action.

As I looked at those houses, Satan brought doubt into my mind

  1. You can’t possibly reach all of those people!
  2. This is too big of a job to start right now, you can start later!
  3. Any attempt to reach them will just end in failure!

It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the enormity of what God calls us to do sometimes……

Which is why we must remember God is the one who actually does the work.

our job is to take a step of faith

The thing is Satan’s right! There’s NOTHING I could do to reach all of those people! The good news is God transforms the lives through the power of the Gospel.

As I faithfully do His will (evangelism, discipleship, visitation, relationship development), God will do the rest. The problem arises when I take it upon myself to do God’s job (saving people).

If I am faithful to do my job, God is faithful to do His

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