Drink of the Living Water

Before Covid forced large gatherings to be limited, Vincentians would use any opportunity for a party. And this included funerals.

at the conclusion of a Vincentian funeral, a crowd will follow the hearse to the burial site. This is meant to show respect to those who have passed. Unfortunately, it often became an opportunity for self-indulgence.

Towards the end of the service those inside (lets say 100 people) will be joined by almost that much outside, alcohol in hand. And the procession turns into an excuse to drink, and dance in the road.

These funerals used to make me angry, but now they just make me sad.

Sad because so many drink from the worlds water that promises to quench their thirst, but it just makes them more thirsty.

That party may make them happy for a while

But soon the thrill is gone, and they are looking forward to the next funeral.

I recently preached through Ecclesiastes where King Solomon after tasting everything the world promised would bring happiness called it worthless (vanity). Many learn along with him that nothing the world offers can truly satisfy.

Satan offers us a huge banquet of junk food, promising that it will make us happy. But satisfaction only comes when we deeply drink of the living water.

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