Grace for the New Day

One of the things I love most about living in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is our amazing sunsets.

Honestly almost every evening I can walk down a large hill towards our main road and see an incredible sunset over the nearby ocean.

The beauty of those sunsets is just part of it though…..

The other part is knowing God will give grace for a new day.

Life is filled with endless tasks, and to-do lists. It’s pretty much impossible to get everything done! For me, the sun setting is the Lord’s way of saying “that’s it for today! You can do more tomorrow.””

Of course this doesn’t mean I sit around doing nothing after the sun goes down!

  1. I make my plans for the next day, and prepare for ministry opportunities
  2. Organise things (clean, iron, maybe cook something for the next day)
  3. Read articles or books
  4. And communicate with loved ones

I can work deep into the night (and sometimes do). But I’ve found spending evenings in evaluation and preparation for the following day makes me far more effective.

When my “spiritual cup has been filled” so to speak through reading, prayer, and planning I’m more than ready for another day of warfare.

The world wants us like Martha to rush from one task to the next till we collapse in the bed from exhaustion. But time is better spent sitting at the feet of Jesus

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