Ministry Doesn’t Last

In January 2017 the Lord opened an AMAZING opportunity of ministry in the community. A local computer lab asked myself and another missionary if we were willing to run a computer tutoring ministry on weekday afternoons.

For about six-weeks we were able to work with many children teaching basic computer skills, and typing.

Sadly the opportunity didn’t last long after that.

By the end of February, that ministry was done (because a new individual owned the computer lab.)

I do mourn the loss of that ministry, but am also grateful for the time that we had there. I’m also reminded that ministry does not often last.

Satan hates it when we do the work of God. He will bring trials, tests, persecutions, and occasionally will close the door of ministry completely.

Usually the ministry doesn’t completely close like that computer lab. Instead the effectiveness begins to slowly but surely weaken. Or those who used to have open and tender hearts, became hardened.

No matter the reason, it’s important to remember that ministry does not last forever.

And because it doesn’t last, we must take advantage of opportunities

  1. By doing it with all of our heart
  2. By not putting things off until tomorrow
  3. And by eliminating distractions

Doors of ministries close, so we must do the work while they remain open.

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