God is Always At Work

This picture from February 2017 is an incredible blessing for me. It marks the FIRST TIME I received a one-year visa to minister in St. Vincent and the Grenadines!

Up till that point I’d always served with short-term visa’s. And every time asked if there was a way I could get something that lasted longer. It seemed as if nobody knew how to get that visa!

Finally I was able to meet with a manager who explained how to obtain a one-year visa, and a few weeks later it was in my hand!

This visa (and those I’ve received since then) remind me of an important truth….

The door is not closed yet

it’s easy sometimes to be discouraged by countries and cultures that have turned their back on the Lord. I pass out tracts almost every morning, and pretty much everyone takes them. In fact, they ask for them, and re-read them on later days!

There are places today where nobody would take a tract out of your hand, and they may even view it as something illegal!

Satan loves to tell us that God isn’t at work anymore

That the Gospel is no longer transforming lives

That nobody cares about the things of God

But that simply isn’t true! There are open doors of ministry where the Gospel flourishes.

I’m beyond grateful that the Lord has allowed me to be involved in a mission field where He is at work.

It may be someday SVG becomes cold towards the things of God, but even if that happens there isn’t any reason to be discouraged, because God will always be at work.

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