You Don’t Have to Be Superman

One of my favourite t-shirts is one from my home churches camp (Camp Merriwood).

The front bears the unmistakable logo of “Superman” while the back reads “Jesus Christ, the real superhero.”

I wear the shirt a lot because it speaks towards a misconception about missionaries……we aren’t superheroes.

Last week I referred to the thought that before being called to missions my mind thought of missionaries as being super-spiritual people.

  1. They never get discouraged
  2. Everything they attempt for the Lord is successful
  3. They have no spiritual weakness
  4. And trials aren’t a part of their lives

After being a missionary myself, I can tell you none of that is true!

But that’s okay because I am not the fixer or rescuer, God is.

Oh yes there are moments when the Lord calls me to step in to fix a problem, take step of faith, or make leadership decisions. But this is always done through His leading and strength.

You see, there’s a sinful part of me that desires to throw on my superman shirt every time a problem arises, and fix it with my strength.

But the Holy Spirit leads me to respond with prayer, and submission to the Lord instead.

God isn’t looking for super-heroes, He just needs faithful servants.

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