Your Sin Will Grow!

One night in late January 2017 a man walked onto my porch with a bag slung over his shoulder.

He looked at me and asked “do you want a dog?”

After thinking about it for a moment I said yes, and he immediately brought a very small puppy out of the bag. I gave him $25, and later on that night called the puppy “Vincy” (short for Vincentian)

It’s hard to believe that today, Vincy is no longer a small weak puppy, but a VERY STRONG watchdog who has to be chained all day (unless I’m walking him).

In a way Vincy reminds me of my sin-nature. Often our sinful habits begin very small or insignificant (they may even seem cute). But those sinful habits will grow. And before you know it, that small sin is a ferocious animal that will attack you!

It is far better to control sin when it is small like I controlled Vincy than to try to conquer a sin when it’s grown out of control.

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