Growth Comes Slowly

Over the weekend, I finished the audio version of “Deliberate Church” for my first book of 2022 after starting it last week.

As you can imagine from the title, the authors emphasised a deliberate or intentional view of church growth. Paul Alexander does an excellent job of challenging ministers to focus EVERYTHING that they do in church on the Word of God.

Another emphasis of the book is an encouragement to patience, or a long-term view of growth.

This means focusing on slow, consistent growth of ministry over a long period of time (say five to ten years). A ministry philosophy that focuses on consistency and faithfulness instead of excitement.

Change that takes place slowly over time is always better than change done quickly because it lasts. Yet very few ministries commit themselves to long-term growth, because it isn’t as exciting.

That’s just a nicer way of saying it doesn’t attract attention!

Everyone notices the ministry that experiences explosive growth….

Very few notice the one pastor that serves quietly and consistently for over ten years.

But thats okay, because spiritual maturity is the goal of ministry instead of popularity.

Can God bring true change overnight? Of course He can!

But that isn’t how He usually chooses to do HIs work, because then the glory comes to us.

Instead God chooses to work through men and women who quietly and consistently do His work year after year so the glory comes to Him.

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