Missions Teaches Me Communication Must Be Real

In late 2021 (around October) I decided to stop communicating with individuals on Facebook. My communication from that point would primarily come from blog updates shared on Facebook, and direct email.

My reason for this is simple……

The goal of communicating through Facebook often ends up trying to get as many “likes” or “shares” as possible. While the true goal should be clearly sharing the needs of the mission field.

Since then I’ve returned to communication on Facebook, but only using my ministry updates group. This means it’s only seen as those people who are members of that specific group (prayer supporters of my ministry).

The interesting thing is I feel less successful since making this change (lots less likes and comments) but I know this form of communication is much more successful in the long run.

Because communication isn’t about me

Of course the communication itself has to be about me in some way, but I am not the focus. In basic terms. It’s not a show putting a spotlight on my own accomplishments. Instead my online presence is meant to share the lessons, experiences, heartaches, and blessings from the mission field.

And for that to happen, I must be real.

Sadly missions isn’t always happy or one effortless blessing after another.

  1. Somedays you fail
  2. Somedays you become discouraged
  3. Somedays you are weak (physically or emotionally)
  4. Somedays you want to quit

Real online communication reflects real life instead of saying everything is awesome when it truly isn’t. And that kind of communication done effectively (not for sympathy) gives prayer partners a glimpse into the daily struggles a missionary experiences.

Somedays I’m tempted to use Facebook as my major communication platform again, because it will get lots of responses.

But it’s far better to share real life with a select group of prayer partners online.

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