A Culture Without Men (Judges 4:14)

I have been thinking a lot recently about the story about Barak and Deborah. Probably because it clearly illustrates a challenge seen in the Caribbean. Men who refuse to keep responsibility because they are either too soft (passive), or lazy.

The story tells us of Barak, a warrior who the Lord calls to deliver the children of Israel from a wicked general named Sisera. The Lord tells him through a woman Deborah to attack Sisera’s army so God could bring a victory. The response of Barak is interesting. He tells Deborah that he will attack Sisera, but only if she goes with him (Judges 4:8).

This response revealed that Barak was a coward instead of a great warrior. This is further proven in Judges 4:14 when Deborah has to find him, and motivate Barak to fight on the day of battle. Because of his cowardice the victory went to a woman named Jael who drove a tent peg through the head of Sisera.

The application of this passage is often on the mission field I see men turning from their responsibilities to provide for an protect their families.

Like Barak they are too fearful, lazy, of selfish to do the work that God has for them…….

So the women do it.

Now please understand I am in no way against women working. In fact I have MORE respect for women in Caribbean islands because they are often doing the work of mom, dad, and grandfather at the same time! The frustrating thing is the mothers are forced to do this because the fathers are unwilling to do their part.

What truly bothers me about cultures without men (fathers abandon their responsibility) is the effect it has on boys and young men. They learn it is a mans job to drink, smoke at a local rum shop, and ignore family responsibilities by watching their fathers.

The only answer for this problem if for boys to see “true men.”

  1. Who provide for, and protect their families
  2. Men that live a testimony of quiet excellence
  3. That consistently do the work of life to the best of their ability
  4. And who will stand up when nobody else will

Sadly this world is filling with more and more Barak’s who are happy to stay in the tent while everyone else fights the battle. Please pray for me as I to the best of my ability display Godly manhood to the young men of St. Vincent, and teach them what the Bible says about manhood.

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