Missions Needs Sponsors

Last Friday I finished teaching a class on the book of Daniel at a local Bible College. It was a wonderful experience, but reminded me just how great their financial needs where, and that missions needs sponsors.

In order to focus on their studies, students are required to live on campus (something I agree with). Because they don’t have vehicles this means having a job during the week isn’t possible. Thankfully the College helps with their school bill because of this, but there isn’t enough money left over for extra things

This is stressful because almost everything in life costs money. But the anxiety is greater when things break (which they will).

The first week one of the students was charging his phone before class. He reached out to pick up the phone, and grabbed the cord instead dropping the phone screen-first on the floor. We both held our breath as he picked it up, and showed me the screen was completely cracked. While it was usable problems immediately started arising like the battery charging very slowly (goes to 34% after charging all night). Soon he will need to buy a new phone, but had no money for it.

By itself this would be an obvious frustration. But there were other smaller things that he was already trying to set aside money for that needed to be cared for before the phone. For instance, his backpack had ripped so at the moment this was a more pressing need.

Conversations like that reminded me about the importance of “sponsors” or individuals who will periodically send funds to nationals training for the ministry.

Often we over-emphasize the place of money in ministry by bringing up financial needs all of the time. However, it is easy to also overlook this need. Particularly with individuals who cannot work and have rising financial needs.

I’m thankful that the Lord has provided me to become a sponsor for these young men. This comes through financial support, and giving them things that they may need (I gave away two backpacks last week). At the same time, there are always going to be greater needs for them.

Please pray for me as I begin trying to raise personal support from prayer partners that will go directly to these students. And also pray the Lord would allow me to faithfully support them in any way possible.

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