The Storm Will End

One thing that I absolutely love about Saint Vincent is it’s rainbows. For some reason they are simply more brilliant here, and I’ve got many spectacular rainbow pics.

In a way those rainbow pictures share with me a deeper truth….

Suffering won’t last forever

The original rainbow was God’s way of promising Noah that He would never again destroy the earth with a flood. Today it’s a reminder of the Lord’s restoration that will come upon us after suffering has ended.

The Lord never promised us an easy, safe life as Christians. In fact He promised that we would face great persecution, so those who aren’t being persecuted should worry!

However that suffering will eventually end.

Usually we don’t feel happy, or peaceful in the storm itself (we just want to get out!). But the clouds will eventually pass, the sun will shine, and we will be overwhelmed by the goodness of God.

Rainbows are reminders of a beauty God gives us in nature. But in a deeper sense they give hope in the storm that it will eventually pass.

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