Christ is Sweeter

One of the special blessings I experience in Saint Vincent is having my very own mango tree in the back yard. The mango’s in this picture weren’t from my tree, but another one close by, and picked a little early (weren’t completely ripe).

Though I don’t get do this as much as I’d like, it’s nice to eat food like those mango’s that is natural (without sugar or anything else added). Farmers and ladies in the community help with this by bringing food that they had picked fresh the day before to sell.

The greatest thing about natural food is it just tastes better

While on furlough in North Carolina in 2017 I had a craving for a mango. So I went to a local store and bought one for $5 that ended up being rock hard. This REALLY made me miss Saint Vincent where fresh fruit can easily be picked. It is possible to find a mango in the States that tastes okay, but it’s nothing compared to the one that you climbed and picked yourself.

The Gospel reminds me of my mango tree in that way. The world likes to offer us many things that do indeed bring happiness, but that happiness doesn’t last. You almost always end up with sour taste in your mouth.

Then we taste life with Christ….and notice the difference

For those who have tasted the joy, happiness, and contentment that comes through life with Christ all the worlds pleasures could never compare.

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