The Place for “Dr. Daddy”

When I was younger, my serious scrapes or bruises were dealt with my father, lovingly called Dr. Daddy. Now the truth is in most cases the band-aid and peroxide weren’t necessary. However it was the tender attention of my father that had me looking for Dr. Daddy.

I was reminded of that memory recently while looking at this picture…..

To be honest I cannot remember how the child was hurt (probably playing a game) but as you can see, the injury isn’t that serious! As a general rule I don’t give out band-aids unless there is a decent amount of blood!

Looking back on it, I’m pretty sure the child sought me out after getting a slight injury for the same reason I would look for “Dr. Daddy.”

It is incredibly easy in life to forget about the emotional needs of others. Even adults have moments when their “emotional cup” is running low, and they just want someone to pay attention to them.

Ministry most of the time is about discipleship, evangelism, and mentoring. But every once in a while it’s being a doctor, and filling a child’s emotional cup.

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