Help Me Feed A Hunger For God’s Word!

Last week I gave out the last three larger print Bibles received at a local Bible College following the eruption of La Soufrière volcano in Saint Vincent. I tried to do this quietly since many others want larger print bibles, but four or five people approached me asking me about receiving one.

The issue here is almost everyone struggles with cataracts, or diminished eyesight because of the bright sun. I understand firsthand this problem because my own cataracts led to a medical furlough last summer. There are bibles here, but most of them are very fine print which cannot be read without reading glasses. Some individuals cannot read their bibles even without their glasses! I recently talked to an older saint who said she had to read her bible every other day because it was too much of a strain on her eyes.

Thankfully the Lord has provided copies of John and Romans that are a larger size print so people can read them, but there is still a need for proper bibles.

The Lord has burdened me to meet this need for Bibles by shipping them from the States….

And I need your help!

After doing some research online I’ve found a personal size Bible on Amazon with print that can easily be read. I am using personal size bibles because they are easier to carry and use on a daily basis, as well as bring to church. The cost for each Bible is $18 US dollars

I am currently praying that the Lord would raise up twenty individuals who would be willing to sponsor one of these bibles (a total of $360 US). After this is done, the bibles will be delivered to a shipping agent, and delivered here within about three weeks.

Please pray with me that God would provide twenty people willing to sponsor a bible. Also pray the Lord would provide funds to help with the shipping costs, and clearing customs.

If the Lord is leading you to sponsor a bible, go to To give online once there put in my name, and add the amount you would like to send. Giving can be done online, or through check, and over the phone.

Thanks so much for your prayers as I meet this hunger for God’s word!

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