You Can’t Do It Alone

The community of Barrouallie is actually situated between two other communities. Just over the hill moving towards Kingstown you will find Peters Hope, and moving in the opposite direction you will find Kearton (pictured above). Having three communities so close together is at the same time a great blessing, and also a great challenge.

A blessing because there are so many people hungry for the word of God….

A challenge because I could never reach them all!

The temptation in situations like this is to become discouraged because there’s no way that all of those people could possibly be reached. Satan would use the immensity of that challenge to keep from even attempting at all!

Thankfully the Lord doesn’t call me to reach everyone in Peters Hope, Barrouallie, and Kearton. Instead He simply calls me to reach who I can. In other words, emphasize evangelization and discipleship of just one person who can then go reach someone else.

Though evangelizing and discipling individuals one at a time isn’t the most exciting form of ministry, it’s a consistently sustained ministry.

This is in the long term is better….because I cannot reach everybody

The problem is though I know its impossible to reach everybody, my sin-nature selfishly want’s to attempt it anyways. It’s more exciting (and feeds my ego) to go out and try to do it all myself as quickly as possible instead of the investing in the slow steady process of making disciples. Of course the quicker way just leads to burnout, and lack of smooth transition because I tried to do everything myself.

I am grateful for the massive job that God has given to me, one I could never do on my own. Because it forces me to invest in the next generation and multiply my influence.

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