Missions Teaches God Will Get the Glory

Most of you know that a few weeks ago I had a minor traffic accident that resulted in the side of my car getting some damage. Last week I wrote an article thanking the Lord for His protection in the accident itself, and today I’m thanking God for a special blessing that came because of the accident.

That’s right….God used a traffic accident as a blessing!

I left my car with a Christian mechanic who always does an excellent job for a fair price. He called on Thursday telling me to come get the car Saturday evening (he knew I’d need the car Sunday). I asked the cost of the work on the phone but he just said “we’ll talk about it when you get here.” He called to tell me Saturday morning would work better on Friday, and again told me we would talk about the cost in person.

There was a bit of work left to be done when I came Saturday morning so my plan was to bring the car back Monday. the mechanic said “why don’t I paint the car, and finish fixing the damage at the same time?”

I had talked to him about doing a paint job on the car eventually because the hood especially needed fresh paint. However, the cost of the estimates from mechanics was too high for me to pay for at the time. After telling him I didn’t think I had enough money he said “I’ll make you a deal”, and agreed to do both jobs at a RIDICULOUSLY low price!

The incredible thing is I would never have gotten that paint job offer if the accident had not happened!

It’s not always that clear to see God at work in our trials, but we can be confident that there is a reason for everything that comes into our lives. And when the smoke clears, we will see that God alone gets the glory.

The important thing is to be faithful to the Lord within the trial, and thank Him for that blessing, even if you don’t see it yet

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