When Faith is Bigger than Fear

I was driving with two missionaries in July 2017 just outside of Kingstown when a lady rear ended me, resulting in my first Vincentian traffic accident.

Your looking at the damage!

Obviously since there was no serious damage I let the woman go and didn’t worry about it.

That first accident was actually a picture of God’s grace and protection in the midst of a frightening situation because Vincentian roads REALLY FRIGHTENED ME when I arrived here.

The roads in SVG are quite a bit smaller than the ones in the US, which means you often have to squeeze past vehicles. This was pretty frightening for me since I was accustomed to much larger roads. The first time coming into Barrouallie (thankfully a Pastor drove) we came behind a vehicle that was driving very passively. At one point the car didn’t want to pass in a small area and the pastor said to his wife “look he has plenty of room!”

I meanwhile was terrified just watching vehicles pass that closely, must less drive past them!

During my first months in SVG I found myself praying “Lord please don’t let anyone be coming down this road!” (if they were, I would have to back down). And a fifteen-minute drive to the local grocery store took all of my nerves!

Within that time God graciously protected me as I gained confidence. By the time my first accident happened in 2017, I was a confident driver

That dent in my car reminds me faith isn’t the absence of fear…..

Instead it is obeying while you are afraid.

If I had waited till I was a confident driver before going on out on Vincentian roads I’d probably never do it! But through one trip after another the Lord helped me get used to them.

The important thing isn’t removing our fear (that will never really happen), it is having faith that’s bigger than our fear

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