Your Sin Won’t Stay Small

In May 2017 I took my dog Vincy for his first walk outside. As you can see from the picture he was pretty scared, and skinny at the time as well as weak. There was no trouble whatsoever with keeping control of him that day during our walk.

Today would be a different story!

Now Vincy is well aware of my morning ritual which involves turning on the coffee pot, feeding the cats, and then getting his leash. By the time I’ve turned the coffee pot on he’s already pawing at the door! Few things give him more excitement than his morning walk.

Thankfully I was able to train Vincy when he was young so he would obey my commands. Today the full-grown powerful dog listens to me because in his early years I taught him to do so.

This simple story has an important principle……

Deal with problems when they are small

Sinful habits don’t spring up overnight, instead they are developed slowly over a long period of time . Like Vincy they are easy to train and control in their younger years. Yet Satan likes to tell us we have plenty of time to get control of that sin problem, and it won’t grow much anyways.

So we promise ourselves that someday soon we will conquer that sin

And then wake to find not a puppy, but a ferocious dog!!!

The point is dogs, like sinful habits aren’t going to be little forever. It is far wiser to do the hard work of discipline now, than to discover the sinful habits grown to five times it’s original size

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