See the Darkness Coming

Island storms seem at first to come out of nowhere, drenching the ground for ten minutes, and then moving on. However I eventually learned that you can actually see those storms coming over the mountains. One glance at dark clouds on nearby mountains meant the rain would be coming soon.

Watching the mountains for rain clouds reminds me storms will occasionally come into life seemingly from nowhere. Yet those who truly pay attention can see warning signs before the trial or temptation comes.

Thankfully we have a much better warning system than rain clouds….

God has given us the Holy Spirit.

When the attack of Satan is close, the Holy Spirit will warn me, and call me closer to the Lord. Often this also means convicting me of sinful actions, or weak areas in my life. Of course, the Holy Spirit will also reveal truths of Scripture that help me stand firm.

Sadly I get busy and ignore the Holy Spirit’s warnings until the first drops of rain hit. And before long, and storm rages around me

I am thankful for island storms that warn me of a coming judgement, and encourage me to see the attacks of Satan before they come.

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