A Taste of Home

Almost every week I go to Kingstown (or town as they call it) to run errands or meet with people. This is usually done early so I can get a free parking spot.

And after getting to town, I have my favorite breakfast. A pepperoni pizza with extra cheese!

Subway begin offering these personal pizzas a few years ago and Immediately got hooked on them. It is a perfect comfort food in the middle of a busy morning.

It’s not just a pizza that keeps me coming back though……

It’s the reminder of life in America

Pizza has always been a favorite food of mine growing up. I have fond memories as a child of going out to eat with my family (my grandmother included) to the local Pizza Hut. In later years I always enjoyed bonding with family and friends over a slice

The Lord is gracious in keeping me from suffering from homesickness on the field. In fact, I feel more at home in St. Vincent than I and I do in America! But there are still days when the devil can get you down

On those days I’ve found that a pepperoni pizza with extra cheese (and maybe a nap) makes things right again

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