Thoughts from a Sick Bed

Last week was a very productive one for me. I was excited to get some of my energy back after teaching at a Bible College, and achieving some goals

Things were going great!……

Then Wednesday happened!!!!

Wednesday afternoon I began to notice my throat was becoming sore. Soon lots of sinus drainage, and coughing followed. I started taking medication thinking it would soon clear up…..but it didn’t

I ended up spending most of Thursday and Friday in bed. Saturday I had some energy, but my voice was still very hoarse. And though I preached Sunday, my normal energy was gone.

It was of the Lord that i received an email devotional from a pastor friend Thursday with the heading “I hate being sick”

My friend was referring to a much more serious condition in my heart I totally agreed with him. It’s incredibly frustrating to have a desire to work but your body doesn’t cooperate

Yet there is grace in these moments of weakness, because they show us just how important and precious strength is. We often take our personal health for granted until it is taken away from us

It’s easy to overlook the blessings of health sometimes

  1. Consistent energy
  2. A strong clear mind
  3. Lack of physical pain
  4. And your body functioning properly

So it’s only in times of sickness that we realize what an incredible blessing health is

These periods of weakness then are a blessing because they encourage us to use our health and strength productively. They also encourage us to be thankful for a day filled with consistent energy, and prepare ourselves for the days when we may not have it.

Sickness is also a blessing because it draws us closer to God. The work of God continues even when we cannot do it! In this way the Lord graciously reminds us of our natural dependence upon Him. And breaks any attitude of arrogance or pride.

This afternoon the fog from my cold medication last remnants of my sickness are beginning to fade away. I’m grateful that the Lord is giving me my strength back. But I am also thankful for the reminder that every moment of strength is a gift from God

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