A Time to Be Together

In the summer of 2017 I experienced an incredible blessing when my mom and dad came to visit me in St. Vincent. Actually dad came to speak at the anniversary service of another church, but we were able to spend lots of time together in those two weeks

That time was a blessing both for myself and for my parents. A blessing for them because they could see the ministries I was involved in. And a blessing for me because I could spend time with family

Their visit reminded me it is difficult for families who have a missionary serving overseas. Ministries keep missionaries from returning to the field often unless it is for a Furlough. Before my medical fur low that summer, it had to been 2 1/2 years since I was in America

I am sure my parents would enjoy having me living closer sometimes. But they set aside that desire because they know I am doing the work of God. So we rely on text messages, FaceTime, and any other form of communication

But every once in a while God gives us a time to be together

Precious days when the hours don’t revolve around ministry, but just being present with family. Remembering old memories and making some new ones

I am grateful my parents are always a phone call or text message away. But sometimes I long for those special moments God brings us together

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