Missions is having a Plan C

Yesterday morning I walked into a computer repair shop and jokingly told the technician “on days like today I miss being in America.”

About a month earlier my MacBook had suddenly stopped working for no reason. I felt sure that a bad charging cable was the source of the problem, but when the new one arrived last week, it still didn’t turn on

That was frustrating but I still had an older laptop that could be used in its place. A few weeks ago I was texting my dad about how much of a help having that computer as a “ plan b.” And jokingly told him “plan c” was my phone!

Last week a cold kept me in bed for a few days. Friday morning I walked into the study and noticed that my laptop was not on. I tried turning it on but nothing happened! I believe a power surge ended up frying the circuits

So it went to the computer technician to give my MacBook looked at. I did Miss America yesterday because in the states there are plenty of places that could repair my computer. In Stt Vincent on the other hand, finding the proper parts would be a problem

One of the challenges of living on a mission field is you often can’t just go out and replace something that has been broken. Instead you must either fix it, or you something different

In other words…. You must have a plan C

This is frustrating in a way. But it also teaches problem-solving skills and creativity in dealing with challenges. Having a plan C, along with D, E, and F helps us deal with things that fall apart.

Each time we come up with an option C after A and B have failed, our confidence grows stronger

True option C isn’t as easy as A or B. But after a day or two of getting used to things we can usually be just as productive as before

I woke up Saturday morning with a lingering cold, and frustration that BOTH my laptops were dead! But after some coffee, and a walk to clear my mind, I immersed myself in option C

Since Saturday morning I have been doing everything off of my iPhone (leaning heavily on text to speech) from sermon prep, to college exams, and this blog post!

And guess what?

I don’t really miss my laptop!

Thankfully by next week my MacBook will be fixed or a new laptop will be purchased so that I can teach a class on revelation. But till that time I am thankful for Gods reminder when option A and B fail, the response shouldn’t be frustration, but finding option C

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