When a Hat is not Just a Hat

Since 2017 a hat has been a constant part of my daily attire. The only Time I don’t wear a one it’s when I’m going to do business in Kingstown, and sometimes I even do it then! Currently there are three baseball caps hanging on the chairs at my kitchen table so I can quickly put one on before running out the door.

The reason I wear so many hats is because I am bald, and the constant sun in the Caribbean can easily damage my skin. For even worse give me skin cancer!

Technically that’s the case medical reason though…..

The real reason I wear a hat is because my father asked me too

Out of concern for me when my dad and mom visited he asked me to start doing two things after they left

  1. Boil my drinking water (I was having lots of stomach problems)
  2. And wear a hat

These were very simple things to do, but I would have done something incredibly difficult. Because I knew the request was motivated by genuine concern

Because my father didn’t want me to continue having stomach ailments he asked me to boil my water

And because he didn’t want me to have severe skin damage from sunburn he asked me to wear a hat

Today I look back at many other things that my father asked me to do when I was younger and I’m ashamed how frustrated I was by them. I often responded with stubbornness and arrogance thinking I knew better (even though I didn’t).

What humbled my spirit was understanding why he asked me to do those things….

He did it to protect me

At times we don’t understand the commands of our heavenly father that seem incredibly unfair.but in those frustrating times we can submit knowing that everything he brings it to our lives is four our benefit and protection.

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