The God Who Gives Something Better

About a month ago my beloved Macbook Pro stopped working properly, and was sent to a technician, who couldn’t get it working again. I didn’t think much about that since an older PC still allowed me to do most of my work. And then while in bed with a cold, a power surge fried it’s circuits (you can read more about this in the post “Missions is Having a Plan C”).

Last Monday I went into Kingstown looking for a new laptop. On my way there, I prayed that the Lord would provide one for an affordable price, that could hold up to heavy use (most of my work is done on a laptop). Within about thirty minutes the Lord answered that prayer with a Hewlett Packard laptop that could easily replace my Macbook!

The Lord through this experience taught me a lesson. When He takes something away, He always gives you something better in it’s place.

The PC I was using in the place of my MacBook had some problems because it was about seven years old

  1. It woudln’t boot up properly (kept freezing up while the computer was trying to turn on)
  2. It would ocassionally give me a blue screen (sometimes called “the blue screen of death”) and reboot while working
  3. A few times the PC kept giving me the blue screen, which kept me from doing any work on it
  4. The battery was bad so if the computer was unplugged from it’s charger, it would almost immediately die
  5. The keyboard didn’t always work
  6. And it was pretty slow!

In it’s place God provided a brand new laptop that didn’t have any problems at all!

When my second laptop died I couldn’t understand why the Lord would take both of my comptuers away.

Now I understand though…….

He did it to give me something better

James tells us that “every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father of lights” (James 1:17). In other words, the gifts that God gives to us will be overwhelming. He in his sovereignty will remove what isn’t best for us (even when we think it might be) in order to give what we truly need.

It isn’t always this easy to see God’s better gift. But it doesn’t change the fact that he always gives what is best.

I’m grateful for this reminder that everthing should be held with an open hand so God can take it away……and replace it with something better.

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