A Ministry Philosophy of “Quality” not “Quantity”

In mid-2017 I began a “bible reading program” for students who could work on their reading, and become more comfortable reading Scripture. We began with students taking turns reading one or two verses for themselves before passing it off to someone else. Later though they started reading a page or two on their own.

The children really enjoyed this ministry……

But I ended it after a few months

I didn’t end the program becasue the children were misbehaving or there was a problem, in fact it was growing! Instead I ended it because the reading program ended up taking time and energy away from more important ministries.

Sadly there will always many ministry opportunities on the mission field, far too many for one individual to meet on their own. The temptation is to try to give a little bit of yourself to each one of them, but this just ends up stretching you too thin, and makes no impact at all.

Instead of trying to meet every ministry need, the Lord would have us focus our full attention on the specific ministry that He has called us to.

For me that calling was to “disciple” and train the young people who regulary came for Bible studies. The reading program was more of an evangelistic outreach that brought in new individuals who wanted to know more about the Lord. Obviously this is a good thing! But it distracted from my main work of discipleship.

Focusing attention on a specific calling emphasizes the well-known difference between “quantity” and “quality.” It’s tempting to have a ministry philsophy based on quantity that is continually hustling from one activity to the next. But emphasizing quality or “ministry done with excellence” is far better in the future. Fruit comes as we give all of our heart to the Lords work.

It is frustrating to walk away from a ministry opportunity, or shut it down. But it’s worth the heartache because my full attention can then be placed on God’s calling.

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