From the Archives: Letting God Speak


Originally written March 16, 2016

A few weeks ago a missions team came to Barrouallie to run a fee health-clinic during the day, and then VBS at night. After seeing one of the doctors people would walk down to the pharmacy (located at Church) and wait for their prescription to be filled.  I was lucky enough to be one of the counselors who witnessed to people while they waited for their prescriptions, and had many conversations that went something like this.

Me:  To you who is Jesus?

Them:  He is God’s Son

Me:  Do you have any spiritual beliefs?

Them:  Yes I believe Jesus died for me

Me:  Do you believe in Heaven and hell?

Them:  Of course!

Me:  If you died today where would you go?

Them:  Heaven!

Me:  Okay if God asked why He should let you into Heaven what would you tell Him

Them:  (looking at the floor) I don’t know

Editors Note:  I really enjoy using these questions that come from the book “Share Jesus Without Fear” by Bill Faye

It was really interesting seeing the confident look on their face suddenly change when I asked why God would let them into Heaven.

In some cases they told me things like good works, loving Jesus, or going to church would save them. Others answered my question about where they would go after death with “I hope Heaven/guess Heaven.”  And in my three days of counseling about ten told me clearly they would go to Hell.

As one after another individual displayed confidence til those last two questions a thought occurred to me.  These people KNOW the right answers Biblically, but they haven’t THOUGHT ABOUT that truth, or applied it to our lives.  This became apparent when I started reading Romans 3:23 and Romans 6:23 to them, both verses that pretty much everyone knew by heart.  However when I asked them “what do you think that means?” Suddenly a look of confusion mixed with panic came on their face followed by lots of uh’s and um’s.

I must admit using questions to make them think about Scripture (and illustrate their wrong beliefs) became way too much fun…especially when we got to John 3:3

John 3:3   Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God 

Me:  (after reading the verse) how does a person become born again?

Them:  (with confidence) be baptized!

Me:  (with a confused look) wait a minute…if I become baptized does that change my heart?

Them:  (looking at the floor) no

Notice in these situations I haven’t really told them what to believe because in all honestly they know the Scripture.  So instead I am (with the Lords help) making them stop and think about those Scriptural truths.  

The thing is for many unsaved people giving the right answer is something automatic, like press a button and the verse is quoted.  Yet that truth is simply in their head…it has never impacted their heart.

This is why it’s important to center a conversation on Scripture.  When this is done the Holy Spirit will reveal the truth to them, and bring true conviction to their hearts.

It’s easy to argue with me, but very difficult to argue with God.

These conversations challenged me to examine an individuals relationship with God instead of just listening for the right answer.  Hell will be filled with individuals who have correct theology, but never placed their faith in Christ.

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