The Need for Christian Books

In the Fall of 2017 I had the opportunity to go onboard the Logos boat when it visited Saint Vincent. This is a very large boat which sells Bibles, and christian literature for very cheap prices. They will go to different islands with christian volunteers to provide books for churches, and do vacation bible school programs.

They even went to a local prison where I minister and donated a library!

Going into the boat I was blown away by the selection of books, and had a hard time figuring out what to buy since there were so many options! More than that, I was thankful that the people of St. Vincent had the opportunity to purchase some good bibles, and christian literature.

A challenge on the mission field is having material to consistently disciple the members of churches. Usually those items have to be sent from America, which takes a large amount of money, and time. This also affects the Bible College where I currently teach because we cannot provide textbooks for students. First of all getting them over would be expensive, and also many students can’t afford to buy them.

These and other experiences have taught me just how precious access to Christian books are. In the States I could order a book one day, and then have it on my front porch two days later! Its true that we can use e-books but there is something about having hard copy of the book that can be shared with fellow Believers.

To be honest that picture from the Logos boat convicts me since I’ve been very lazy and bad about reading lately. The Lord used it to remind me what a powerful thing it is to consistently read books that draw me closer to God.

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