Fixing a Bike is Ministry

Since I am very busy during the week, I usually use Tuesday as a “day off” to focus on things like sermon prep, running errands, or finishing projects. One particularly busy week I was working on my sermons Tuesday morning when some boys came to ask if the could borrow my bycicle pump.

The pump was kept in my car so if the car tire went low it could be pumped up (this is common since most car tires are used). I gave them the pump, and then came down to help them get a tire back on the bike, and pump it up.

It was kind of tough to help them in a way since I was already way behind in getting things done. But I also knew from experience the most powerful ministry is the one we least expect.

When I use the word “ministry” certain activities come to mind

  1. Preaching
  2. Evangelism
  3. Discipleship
  4. And counseling

These are all definitely ministry…

but so is helping boys get a bike up and running again

It’s tempting to think about the larger activities listed above and make them the only kind of ministry we pursue. While these are incredibly important, they’re the final goal of ministry with someone. The goal is be going through a personal bible study with that believer so they can teach others.

Ministry doesn’t usually start with evangelism or discipleship, it begins with helping them fix a bike. Doing life with them develops a frienship, earns trust, and helps learn more about what the Lords doing in their lives.

Satan wants me to go around every day looking for HUGE ministry opportunities

God instead wants me to look for opporutnities to get down on the ground, and fix a bike


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