Yes….You Can Go Home Again (for a little while)

In December 2017 I came home for two-weeks to spend Christmas with family, and refocus for the 2018 ministry year. There was something comforting about coming home from the Charlotte International Airport and walking into my old bedroom.

Oh it technically belonged to my nephew Titus (his names on the wall) but trust me, it’s mine

  1. There’s a picture of me crossing the finish line of the Richmond Marathon on the wall
  2. The words “Be a Warrior” painted on the wall (I have the same words on a sign in my own home)
  3. My Australian Akubra hat is hanging on the dresser
  4. and “Crash” the stuffed dog given to me after totaling my car is on the bed

The two-week break I’d normally take over holidays was about spending time with family. But it was also about unplugging from ministry for a brief time so I could draw closer to the Lord, and plan for a new year.

For that to happen I needed to have a safe place (place focused on rest)……

And my bedroom definitely fit!

I’m incredibly thankful for the great work God has given me to accomplish in SVG. But I’m also thankful He has provided a safe place where my heart can rest, and refocus on the Lord.

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