A Legacy of Excellence

Lots of pictures took place during my visit in 2017 (kind of happens when you show up once a year) but this is one of my favorites. It symbolizes the reputation for excellence that my family, and the last name Wilburn, holds with it.

  • My dad on the far left who throughout his life displayed quiet excellence in every decision’
  • My mother who spent so many years teaching children with severe learning disabilities
  • And my brother who gives 100% to absolutely everything he does

Of course I am there to! And by God’s grace have reflected that reputation of excellence on the mission field.

There are many ways to describe “reputation of excellence” but I don’t really have a working definition….

Instead I saw it lived out in front of me over the years.

I am so grateful for the testimony of my family (Sarah my brothers wife also does an excellent job raising and educating her children. Somebody had to take the picture!) who refused to live in a passive, half-hearted way for the Lord. That passion for give God everything is a big part of what drives me.

This picture reminds me who we surround ourselves with is always a huge influence upon our lives. When we surround ourselves with over-achievers who pursue Gods work in a disciplined way we will do the same thing. If we surround ourselves with people satisfied with being average, that’s what we get!

The real joy I have is to take the legacy of excellence given to me by family and live it out in front of Vincentians. By Gods grace the lessons my mother, father, and brother patiently taught me will be passed on to future generations in the Caribbean. #missionarymemories

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