Reading Not Entertainment

I both love and hate this picture at the same time…..

I love it because it’s my library of books from Australia that were sent to the States in 2016

I hate it because I’ve spent so little time with them since then.

That doesn’t mean I don’t love books, I really do! But the reading of real books that can challenge my thinking has been replaced by endless scrolling and entertainment 😦

The truly sad thing is books used to be a bigger part of my life!

In Australia I’d make time for books reading them often in a local Gloria Jeans coffee shop learning how to serve the Lord better. But over time I began doing more, and reading less.

There’s nothing wrong with being busy of course, but when busyness takes over our deep thinking that a good book brings, we have a problem.

Thankfully there is an simple (but not easy) solution to this problem……

Use free-time for reading not entertainment!

By God’s Grace I’ve begun recently to re-establish the habit of spending moments on physical books (I don’t mind kindle books, but already look at screens too much) instead of a glowing square. It’s not easy (yet) but over time will get better.

Its a hard road but I know every time I reach for a book instead of my phone my brain gets stronger.

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