A Thirst Only Christ Can Satisfy

There are quite a few reasons why I was overweight till graduating from Bible College…..but your looking at number one!

Technically it doesn’t have to be wild-cherry pepsi though that’s my favorite (I found mango pepsi over the summer which is an adequate substitute). I LOVED soda of pretty much any kind, even the off-brand Dr. Thunder from Walmart. As a joke my brother when I returned on furlough gifted me a bottle of Dr. Thunder at the airport.

Along with this addiction to soda’s I had another serious problem….

I HATED water!

Oh I’d drink it occasionally, but it was usually done with a frown on my face 🙂

Today water (with a little lime juice) is 98% of what I drink. I rarely even drink a soda at all.

What made the difference…..

Soda was expensive, and couldn’t be found!!!

In super-markets and stores you will find lots of coke, and sprite with the occasional mountain dew. That’s it! I have found a store that carries two-liters of pepsi, but that’s quite rare. Basically soda became a luxury that you buy every once in a while instead of a daily thing.

At first it was hard drinking lime-water instead of soda. But over time my tastes started to change. Today I’ll choose a bottle of water over coke any day of the week!

The point is simple….

We choose what’s easy, but what’s easy doesn’t satisfy us

Take it from a recovering wild-cherry pepsi addict. The world may bring happiness, but only Christ quenches our thirst.

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