Have One Goal

I am used to eating lots of junk food when I come home to the States, but in 2017 my brother had other plans….

He wanted me to go on a juicing diet with him!

I politely declined but was shocked that he was going on a juicing diet for almost a month. My brother has ALWAYS been healthy and fit (healthier than me!) but he was going through this temporary diet to get things like cholesterol under control.

Even if I wasn’t just home for Christmas I’m not sure if I’d willingly go on a juicing diet for that long! Oh I may stay on it for a month, but over three weeks? No way!

For my brother however this isn’t a big thing.

See my brother Michael is the most focused person I know. He sets a goal, makes a plan, and achieves it. Some of this is self-discipline, but I believe it’s mostly about just focusing on the finish line. In the winter of 2017 that was getting better numbers on his upcoming physical, something he achieved because of the juicing diet!

This experience and others with him remind me how distracted many of us (myself included) are in life. When asked about goals we either list five or six that aren’t very clear, or have no idea what our current goal is!

I’m incredibly grateful the Lord has given me a sibling that taught me success is very simple (but not easy)…..

Have one goal, and do whatever it takes to hit the target

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